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Jet Aeronautical tailors each individual class to its participants, ensuring no matter what type of operation you fly your King Air in, your training will be applicable to you.


At Jet Aeronautical, we pride ourselves on being able to cater our training to all types of pilots. Professional pilots are no exception. Our entire training staff is highly experienced in the world of professional aviation. From airlines to corporate to military, our staff passes their extensive experience along to you in the classroom and the flight training environment. Throughout all our courses we stress crew resource management techniques, line oriented flight training, and general procedures that will streamline your professional pilot skills. After completing Jet Aeronautical’s training course you will be better prepared and more confident in the world of professional aviation.


Jet Aeronautical understands that not every pilot is a professional pilot. Our programs also keep you—owner and recreational pilots—in mind. Our programs stress safety and efficiency in order to keep you and your aircraft running as smooth as possible with the least amount of cost. We also incorporate many professional pilot techniques into your training such as crew resource management, and line oriented flight training procedures. We believe that, no matter what your background, a safe pilot is a better pilot.


Jet Aeronautical welcomes the opportunity to provide training for flight departments. We offer discount rates to large groups and are able to cater our program to your flight department’s specific needs. Please contact us for details.

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