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Jet Aeronautical was founded in 2005 as a Citation and King Air Training facility at KSEE in San Diego.  JA believes that Initial and Recurrent Training are a great opportunity for both pilots and staff at JA to discover more about the plane they are flying, the environment they operate in, and most importantly, how they fit into this equation to provide a safe environment to operate their aircraft.  Over the past 12 years, both aircraft and simulators have been utilized to provide for the best value in King Air Training on the market.  JA has grown into one of the premiere King Air Training facilities in the United States, providing Initial and Recurrent Training for over 300 pilots per year.

Steven Scates is the driving force behind Jet Aeronautical.  Steven’s background encompasses the aviation industry with experience as a Captain at both FAR 121 & 135 operators operating Turbo-Prop and Turbojet aircraft.  Administrative positions as a Chief Pilot and Aviation Insurance Underwriter have provided invaluable insight into the training/safety industry as well.  Steven is still responsible for day to day operations at JA, teaching on a regular basis and continuing to grow JA into an industry leader.  Steven has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle’s Prescott, AZ campus with a minor in Aviation Safety. 

The Jet Aeronautical Advantage

As the owner of Jet Aeronautical, I’ve been asked over the years, “what makes Jet Aeronautical a better training outfit than the others?”  There are a couple things that make Jet Aeronautical unique in regards to our quality of training.  When Jet Aeronautical was founded in 2005, it was done with an "all in" mentality.  We were not a company that was opened up as a part time venture to make some extra money on the side, nor were we driven by investors' desires to sacrifice quality for the bottom line.  Since inception, I have been instrumental in not only day to day operations, but as an instructor as well.  

Steven’s experience in the aviation industry is what provides the unique experience that is Jet Aeronautical.  Although a professional pilot was the original goal for Steven, this goal was achieved as a Captain at a FAR 121 Carrier at the age of 28 after acquiring a Bachelor of Science Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Looking for more than a “flying job”, Steven left the airline industry and worked as an underwriter for USAIG’s Pasadena office.  Although valuable experience, USAIG served as a gateway to Steven’s future as a Chief Pilot for General Atomics and later as the founder of Jet Aeronautical, where he would become an owner/professional pilot of a Citation II.

This interaction in all facets of Jet Aeronautical has kept the quality of our training unsurpassed.  Yes, we have grown and have had a great group of instructors that all share the original desire to provide the best product available.  There is no doubt that Jet Aeronautical is a niche training facility.  We have passed on the ability to be acquired by the bigger training companies; we are here to provide the best training value across the board, while treating our customers with unrivaled customer service.  You won’t find a better training facility at any price.  Jet Aeronautical prides itself in the product that leaves our building and this will never change.  

Jet Aeronautical now trains hundreds of King Air pilots each year.  Whether you are flying an A90 King Air or a Proline 21 Equipped King Air 350, we know what you are looking for from a training facility and will make sure you are happy with the end product.  I personally guarantee this as the owner of Jet Aeronautical. 

About Jet Aeronautical

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